Ranger Anne Storytelling with Puppets!

Date & Time

25 Feb, 12:30pm-1pm


Treehouse, Central Public Library, 100 Victoria Street, S(188064)




Ranger Anne, the zoo ranger, introduces her friends, Orry the Orangutan, Snow the Snake and Tiny Tiger to her new friends in this fun and interactive storytelling, based on the Ranger Anne Series by writer and ex-zoologist Anita Sebastian.The puppet ventriloquist will bring the story to life for the audience, who will learn fun facts about various animals, as well, as the importance of wildlife conservation.

Organised By

Armour Publishing

About the Organiser

Armour Publishing is one of Singapore’s leading independent publishers, with distribution networks regionally and internationally. It has published a strong range of local children’s titles such as the Timmy & Tammy series, the Ranger Anne series, the Stacey & the Museums series, and many more.