Revealing the Fib

Date & Time

26 Feb, 2pm - 3.30pm


Fullerton Hotel, Heritage Gallery
1 Fullerton Square, S(049178)




Join Radhika Dhawan Puri, an award-winning journalist turned author, as she delves into the ideas behind her young adult novel The Fibonacci Revelation. Radhika will talk about her fascination with Singapore’s past, from its founding to communist insurgency and race riots, as well as the history of the Fullerton Hotel, which plays a big part in her novel. She will also discuss codes, ciphers and mathematical concepts, as well as give writing tips such as how to do research for a story and how to translate information into compelling stories for young readers. The session includes an opportunity for participants to view exhibits at the Fullerton Heritage Gallery, and to win attractive prizes in a code-deciphering challenge.

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Bubbly Books

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Bubbly Books is a boutique publisher specialising in children’s and young adult literature. Established in 2011, it creates fun and engaging Asia-based content to entertain and enrich readers. Bubbly Books hopes that its publications, which include bestsellers, award winners and texts adapted for TV and film, will encourage a life-long love for reading and add to the Singapore literary canon.