SingLit Chinese Writers – A New Generation

Date & Time

24 Feb, 12pm - 9pm
25 - 26 Feb, 12pm - 7pm


City Book Room
420 North Bridge Road #03-10,
North Bridge Centre, S(188727)




This event brings together young local writers writing in Chinese, such as Tan Chee Lay, Li Qingsong, Tan Xi Zhe, Zhou Hao, He Yingshu, He Er, Teo Eng Hao, Teo Kok Keong, Tan Kah Wai, Quek See Ling and Liu Chang. They will discuss a wide range of topics related to literature, such as fiction writing, reading and the writer’s imagination, the subtle relationship between poetry and everyday life, and the future of local Chinese literature.

The works of the writers will be exhibited, and a group of actors led by director Nelson Chia from Nine Years Theatre will read excerpts from Art Studio, a novel by renowned local writer Yeng Pway Ngon.

参与这项活动的青年作家如 陈志锐、李青松、陈晞哲、周昊、何颖舒、贺尔、张英豪、张国强、陈嘉炜、郭诗玲、刘畅等,将探讨以文学有关的各种课题,包括小说创作、阅读、小说家的异想世界、诗与生活的微妙关系,以及本地文学的未来之路。


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City Book Room

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City Book Room is a Singapore-based independent publisher, founded in 2014 with the belief that books are food for the human mind. It publishes fiction, poetry, history and social critiques, with the goal of spreading knowledge and sustaining the development of Singapore’s culture.

城市书房创立于 2014 年,其创立的理念是:书本是人类不可或缺的精神粮食。城市书房秉持着推广知识和延续新加坡文化发展的使命,出版的读物包括小说、史诗与社会评论。